Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I'm Nigel. Welcome to Meditation Collector!

I started Meditation Collector to create a central place where people can find fresh guided meditations regularly.

There are many free guided meditations available online, but usually scattered all over the place. There is no central place where you can go to.

Meditation Collector hopes to be the answer to that.

Deep Relaxation is extremely important to your health. A life of stress can be very harmful to you. It's not just your heart, but many organs are affected, including your brains, of course.

Emotional energy can get stuck in the body. This can give you many health complaints, and it can develop into serious illness. I can assure you, this not some kind of "new-age myth."

Therefore, I recommend you listen to a guided meditation at least daily.

The main reason behind me starting this site is to help people find free guided meditations to help them deal with health or mental issues.

I hope to do this with as much respect as possible to the original publishers, and the traditions they so often draw from.

I'm always searching the Internet for new free Guided Meditations. I have been doing that for years.

I always listen to them on my Mp3 player. Although not ALL of the highest quality, they generally do me a lot of good and helped me with some health issues!

In late 2008 I realized, that I had built up quite a collection of links to Guided Meditation audio files. It came to me, that I might just as well put all my findings on a website, so other people can benefit from them too.

About the Categories

In the categories menu on the left of the page, you can find meditations by the category of your choice. You shouldn't take the categories too strictly though.

You see, many meditations are a bit of everything, which makes it hard for me to categorize them. Usually they have been filed under the most dominant theme(s). If you are looking for a certain type of meditation, I advise you to look in all categories that this type of meditation could be in. You could also try a search.

In essence, meditation is uncategorizable. But, for the working and convenience of this site the meditations have been put into categories.

The General Relaxation category is the broadest one. You can just about find anything in here. :-)

The Collections category is for those publishers who's meditation or hypnosis files are generally not really suitable, in my opinion, to be listed at Meditation Collector individually, but make good additions as so called Collections.

It is possible that you'll find a meditation filed under multiple categories. Many categories overlap, and some meditations could quite possibly be filed under as much as 10 categories. But within reason, I'd like to file the meditations under as few categories as possible.

A mistake here and there is very possible. If you feel a meditation should or should not be in a certain category, that a new category should be created, or any other issue concerning the categories, please contact me and I'll look into it.

This way we can improve the site together.


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