Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Best Benefits of Meditation

It’s something that is often associated with spirituality, yoga and religion, but the truth is that meditation is so much more than all these things put together.

It offers both physiological and psychological benefits, and best of all, it is easy enough to practice. No effort or strain is needed to meditate; all you need is a quiet place, a willing mind, and the ability to concentrate and let your mind and body relax.

While meditation is known to offer myriad benefits, I practice it regularly to attain a few that are to my personal advantage, such as:

Self control: When you meditate regularly, you find it easier to control your mind and body. I used meditation as a way to get out of a destructive relationship that I was addicted to. I knew it was not good for me, yet I could not find the strength to break free from the emotional shackles that tied me down. Until I took to meditating for an hour every morning and evening, that is. I was able to make the crucial decision to cut loose before the relationship completely destroyed me, and this is why I urge people who struggle with other addictions like alcohol and cigarettes to try meditation as a rehabilitation tool.

Determination: Only when you’ve tried meditation yourself do you realize the power it has in strengthening the mind and making you believe that you are capable of doing you set it to. So if you’re looking for success in a sport or hoping to win a game, train your mind as well as your body with a combination of physical and psychological exercises. When you meditate regularly focused on your goal, you are more likely to concentrate better and achieve success.

Detachment: If you’re someone with a quick temper that has gotten you into sticky situations more often than not, then you must try meditation as a tool to calm you down and help you deal with situations with a higher level of maturity. Meditation helps you deal with problems and irritations patiently and without losing your temper and saying or doing things that you will end up regretting later. You are able to deal with issues with a certain detachment that allows you to look at problems from a different point of view.

Besides these psychological advantages, meditation offers a host of physical advantages too, right from helping to reduce your blood pressure to enriching and elongating the quality and quantity of your life respectively. And since it’s easy, free and effective, there’s no reason not to practice meditation every day.

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